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Marvel studios president kevin feige spoke to the bbc about the muslim-american character -- as well as the upcoming movie “captain marvel. Marvel hints the first muslim superhero will be brought into mcu – the marvel cinematic universe is a pretty diverse place: you’ve got people of all ages, races, colours and creeds together. Marvel president kevin feige has said that a film based on muslim superhero ms marvel is in development at the studio in an interview with the bbc, feige said the studio has plans for the.

Kamala khan isn't your average teenage muslim girl though she lives in new jersey and juggles the identity crisis that's often part-and-parcel of growin. We've already been given a hint as to where the future of the marvel cinematic universe lies and it seems it could very well be with kamala khan, otherwise known as ms marvel, with marvel. Move over, thor and iron man marvel's first-ever muslim superhero will soon make an appearance on the big screen, if the franchise's studio boss gets his way. Marvel comics is expanding its superhero stable to include a teenage muslim girl as a lead character.

With the release of uncanny x-men #1, dust is shown still residing in utopia and a part of characters in the comics often refer to dust's traditional muslim. Marvel president kevin feige suggested that the ms marvel movie will follow the 2019 release of the captain marvel movie, starring brie larson. Editor says young female character demonstrates not only who muslims are and who muslims can be, but really about who a good person is.

In an interview with bbc, marvel studios president kevin feige said that there are plans in the works to introduce ms marvel to the marvel cinematic. Marvel, you’ve done good but good can be better. Pakistani-american super hero kamala khan protects the streets of jersey city with her one-of-a-kind embiggening power. Marvel may soon produce a film with a female muslim superhero called ms marvel, the president of marvel studios hinted in an interview with the bbc.

Kamala khan has become the hero a lot of people need right now. Marvel planning to add pakistani-american ms marvel to the mcu. Avengers: infinity war producer kevin feige has teased a new film involving muslim superhero ms marvel feige explained that he wants to introduce captain marvel, played by brie larson.

Marvel comics plans to take “disciplinary action” against an artist who slipped political propaganda into a comic book the comic book giant has. Ms marvel – aka kamala khan and marvel's first muslim superhero – is set to join the marvel cinematic universe. She’s already a hit in her own comic books, and now ms marvel is set to become the first muslim super hero to star in her own film marvel president kevin feige says production will start.

Muslim artist inserts anti-semitic, anti-christian messages in marvel's x-men comic. One character yet to be introduced via the marvel cinematic universe is the muslim superhero ms marvel but it seems that now is the time—or at least, it will be soon. In a historic first for the multi-billion dollar movie franchise, marvel studio has confirmed it will introduce a muslim superhero to its screens. Marvel have a new film in the works in the shape of muslim superhero ms marvel.

Marvel muslim
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